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Ken x Yachiru xx Bleach ♥ xx

So you've heard of us, huh?

Ken x Yachiru
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Welcome to Ken x Yachiru.


Name: Zaraki Kenpachi ||  検波値
Referred to as: Ken-chan
Age: Unknown
Birth date:
Home: Soul Society
Team: 11
Position: Captain
Distinguishing features: Hair and bells. Scar on side of his face as well as eye patch on another.
Aim: To have interesting fights and be strong.

Specialties: Besides strength, he has a strong defense; able to take a lot of blows and still stand. His huge size makes him an impressive enemy, as well as ally.
Personality: Though the reasons for him becoming a Shinigami isn’t clear, Kenpachi is probably one of the most intriguing characters in the animanga. He makes it known that he desires strength and is rather bloodthirsty. He became the only captain in Gotei 13 that didn’t take the tests, but defeated the former. He has a low tolerance for anything idiotic but has a good personality within.

Romantic Interest: Naming Yachiru after the woman he first loved, he sees her as both a confidante and a friend. The way they act around each other, suggests that they have a stable relationship. He cares for her a lot, though he may not show it.


Name: Kusajishi Yachiru || 矢散る
Referred to as: Lttle short one. Shorty.
Age: Unknown
Birth date:
Home: Soul Society
Team: 11
Position: Vice-captain
Distinguishing features: Shortness. Pink hair and light figure.
Aim: None, except to be with Ken-chan. ^^

Specialties: Her stature makes her ability to move both impressive and amazing. She’s able to take care of the most formidable enemies easily. Not much is explained about her, but she’s exceptional with flips and rolls even from high places.
Personality: A cheerful bundle, Yachiru isn’t afraid of anything. Her bubbly personality makes up for the fact – that when irritated – her seriousness just comes alive. She enjoys making people the weirdest nicknames and with her bright pink hair and cheery outtake on her life, it’s hard not to love her.

Romantic Interest: Kenpachi to her is the person who means the whole world. She would clearly do anything in her power for him, even going beyond that to save him. Their relationship is nice, considering that both care much for each other.

1. No off-topic posts. It must relate in some way, shape or form, to Kenapachi or Yachiru.
2. Promoting is fine, just don't overdo it. It grates on peoples nerves at times.
3. Introductory posts aren't required, only do so if you want to.
4. No bashing/flaming of any other members. Doing so will only result to an automatic ban. Try to stay friendly.
5. Fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, pictures, icons and wallpapers should all be under LJ-cut. Teasers are fine, but please limit it.
6. Other than that, that is all, just remember to have fun, since that is the aim of the community.

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